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Lunkers Caught with Norton Brass Rattlers

These two fish were caught on the green Norton Brass Rattler.

The handiest fishing tool I know - The Fish Grip! Next to my basic tackle, I can’t think of a more needy and useful item to have on a fishing trip. As you know, most fish are slippery and hard to handle, not to mention armed with pointy teeth. You can completely avoid having to touch those critters when you use the fish grip.

It makes good practice to be able to release him back to his waters without possible spreading bacteria. They have a hard enough time surviving as it is. I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Billy Primos
Jackson, MS

Bass Handled with Care using the Fish Grip

I just wanted to drop you a line in reference to your Fish Gripper (I am not sure what you call it). I have had the opportunity to try it and I have to say I am impressed. It addresses several issues that all Bass club members and tournament fisherman face when it comes to lipping a Bass.

Every person who fishes on a regular basis has had close encounters with a fish, a treble hook, and fleshy parts of the human body. In my case I still remember the horror when I caught a three-pound Bass on a Rat-L-Trap. As I reached for the Bass, it flopped and the front treble hook imbedded in the back of my hand between the knuckles. The pain was so bad my arm went numb and it gave me a huge headache. Your product all but eliminates this problem. I am no longer worried about grabbing a fish when I use your Fish Gripper.

The second thing that is great especially for a tournament is that I don't worry about the fish flopping out of my grip and dropping it back into the lake. Once the gripper has a hold on the fish I can carry it to the back of my boat and drop it into the live well.

A third plus is that the Gripper floats. I have seen on TV and in person fishermen who spent big bucks for a device that is similar in function to yours. One slip and it fell into the water and there goes $50.

This brings up the fourth plus. Your price is cheap enough that every fisherman should have one.

If I had to rate this gripper on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give it a 10.

Thanks much,
Kevin B. Kinnee
Livingston, TX

Lunkers Caught with
Norton Brass Rattlers Fish Grip

Billy Primos with a 32" redfish caught on Norton's very own White Brass Rattler.

First hand testimonials describing these fishing accessories

First hand testimonials describing these fishing accessories

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