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Never have to Stick Your Hand Inside of a Fishes Mouth or Worry about Getting Finned While Safely and Securely Holding onto the Fish and Buy a Fish Lipper. We offer Norton Plastics Fish Grip Pliers the Industries only Plastic Fish Lip Grabber Tools for Sale at the Best Prices.

After catching a fish whether you are going to release it or keep it you have to be able to grip the fish safely. It can be difficult to grab and hold on to it by its body, because fish are slippery and move around a lot. This why most experienced fisherman grab the fish by the lip to take out the hook and handle the fish. However, gripping the fish by the lip with your hand can be dangerous for both you and the fish. You can get finned, cut your figures on the hook or the fish’s teeth and even though grabbing the fish by lip is much more secure than holding its body it is still easy to lose your grip and drop the fish. Without the right tool to hold onto your fish you will undoubtedly at some point lose your catch, get finned, or not get the fish back in the water onto to release it. This is why you need to buy and have plastic handheld fish lip grabber in your tackle box.

There a variety of fish lippers you can buy. However, many of these fish holder tools are heavy, do not lock into place and are made from metal that will sink and are pretty expensive. The fish grip made by Norton United Plastics is a plastic plier like fish grabber. The Norton United Plastics fish holder tool is lightweight, inexpensive when compared to other fish lip holders, floats, locks into place and has any easy hand operated plier like movement. The Norton United Plastics fish grip was created by expert anglers who know what is needed by a fish lip grabber. It is the best lip holding tool you can buy and makes holding, landing, scaling, and releasing fish safe and easy.

At our online fishing supplies and accessories store we offer the Norton United Plastics fish grip in 6 different colors including glow in the dark at the best possible price. We make it easy and affordable for you to buy and have the fish lip holding tool you need on your next fishing trip. We also offer impeccable customer service before and after the sale. If you have any questions about the United Plastics hand held fish grip lip grabber please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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